European Leadership Workshop 2023


Know your enemy: the entanglements between right-wing agents and religion in Europe

4-7 September 2023, Budapest, Hungary

In the European Leadership Workshop 2023 the participants will acquire skills to recognize and analyze right-wing discourses and to classify them in terms of religion and worldviews in an intensive training. Supported by European experts from the fields of science and activism they will gain a deep insight in a field that is still easily overlooked yet key to understand the current rise of right-wing thinking and rhetoric.

In the struggle for the protection and strengthening of a pluralistic, democratic and inclusive society based on solidarity we need to understand anti-pluralistic, anti-egalitarian and anti-liberal positions, arguments, codes and rhetoric. What are ideological foundations of right-wing thinking? Who are agents within European right-wing networks? What are the main topics? How they are connected to religion and worldview? How they are framed and why are they framed this way?