European Leadership Workshop 2023


Know your enemy: the entanglements between right-wing agents and religion in Europe

4-7 September 2023, Budapest, Hungary

In the European Leadership Workshop 2023 the participants will acquire skills to recognize and analyze right-wing discourses and to classify them in terms of religion and worldviews in an intensive training. Supported by European experts from the fields of science and activism they will gain a deep insight in a field that is still easily overlooked yet key to understand the current rise of right-wing thinking and rhetoric.

In the struggle for the protection and strengthening of a pluralistic, democratic and inclusive society based on solidarity we need to understand anti-pluralistic, anti-egalitarian and anti-liberal positions, arguments, codes and rhetoric. What are ideological foundations of right-wing thinking? Who are agents within European right-wing networks? What are the main topics? How they are connected to religion and worldview? How they are framed and why are they framed this way?

DialoguePerspectives is a great programme not only because of all the things you are going to learn during the seminars, not only because of the cool people you are going to meet but also because of the un-learning process that you will go through, getting rid of all the prejudices that you are not even aware of having.

Asmae, DialoguePerspectives participant