„Navigating Crises | Tools for Community-based Social Action.“
11th – 15th October 2023, Bonn/Germany

In a world filled with uncertainty and crises, it is time to empower our communities with the necessary tools to bring about real societal change. We invite our participants to take part in our autumn seminar „Navigating Crises | Tools for Community-based Social Action“ taking place from 11th to 15th October 2023 in Bonn, Germany.

Embrace the Power of Community to shape new Societies: Uniting for a Resilient Future

Discover how communities around the globe are joining forces to tackle the most pressing challenges of our time. Together, we will explore innovative strategies and solutions that foster resilience, build solidarity and create a cohesive new society.

Embracing Plurality: Religions, Worldviews, and Society

In the face of crisis, it is time to realize the immense potential found within the richness of our European societies, where various religious and worldview perspectives intersect. By broadening our knowledge and understanding, we can counter exclusion and create new concepts for productive cohesion. Your unique voice and perspective are vital in shaping a brighter future.

From Crisis to Change: Action-Oriented Approaches

Join an interdisciplinary dialogue with participants from all over Europe representing diverse communities and backgrounds. Together, we will address the critical aspects, challenges and opportunities posed by ongoing crises, including the climate emergency, post-identity conflicts and the rise of far-right politics and movements. Our goal? To develop tangible tools for community-based action that will navigate us through these challenges with resilience and solidarity.

As we navigate an increasingly unpredictable world, strong and compassionate leadership is more important than ever. Learn from experienced mentors and experts and develop effective skills to initiate positive change within your community and beyond.

Combating Disinformation: Empowering Digital Citizenship

In our first seminar with our new cohort of participants, we will also focus on combating disinformation. We will explore the role of technology and media literacy in countering disinformation. Discover practical solutions to promote critical thinking, responsible online behavior and constructive digital dialogue.