Herbstseminar 2022

Towards European Diversity Competence.Tackling questions of difference and cohesion in the context of religions, worldviews, and society

12 – 16 October 2022, Bonn/Germany

European societies are plural and diverse. At the same time, there is a significant lack of diversity competence in many central areas of society, while old ideas about “social cohesion” are in urgent need of updating. The religious and worldview pluralism of our European society offers huge opportunities to come together on the basis of our differences, by broadening our knowledge and perspectives, and by countering exclusion. The social frame of reference of our coexistence must expand. But how? And in which settings and spaces?

For our Autumn Seminar 2022, we want to explore the potential that difference offers us in the interplay of religions, worldviews, and society in search of concepts and ideas for a new, productive cohesion. DialoguePerspectives’ participants, coming from all over Europe and bringing with them their diversity and multiplicity of voices, perspectives, and expertise are thus key contributors to this endeavour. We want to recognise, strengthen, and make visible the diversity of European society and include their voices and perspectives on it.

We invite our participants to address various aspects, challenges, and opportunities. DialoguePerspectives will tackle nagging questions of European plurality from an interdisciplinary perspective and develop ideas and visions for a new, productive societal cohesion.

˝The programme makes possible something that is all too rare in our society these days: speaking and having discussions across borders, not about each other, but with each other. That can be a hard slog at times, but at the same time the format makes space for follow-up questions and deeper conversations that are only possible through trust on all sides.

Felix, DialoguePerspectives alumnus