Episode 24: With Ladan and Nilou on their new book project, feminism and the shrinking space for women’s rights

Das große Thema dieser Folge: Feminismus. Dafür blicken wir auf die aktuelle Revolution im Iran – lernen ein feministisches Buchprojekt kennen.

TW: violence, sexual violence, abuse

This episode focusues on feminism, storytelling, the current revolution in Iran and the shrinking space for women’s rights. To bring in more perspectives on these issues, our hosts invited our DialoguePerspectives alumna Ladan and her friend Nilou to talk about their book project, which brings together different perspectives, experiences and multi-voiced narratives about feminism, everyday experiences of sexism, misogyny or discussions about the concepts of equality, feminism or the gender pay gap. Neta-Paulina also contributed to this book, and took the opportunity to share her text in the episode.

If you want to join the conversation, write us an email info@dialogueperspectives.com and share your thoughts with us!

Intro: Carleigh Garcia| Speakers: Ladan, Nilou, Whitney Nosakhare, Neta-Pauline Wagner, Henri Vogel | Audio-Edit: Kevin Nagel | Music: Viktor Rosengrün | Editor: Katja Sigutina | ©2023 DialoguePerspectives

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