Ausschreibung: DialoguePerspectives Decade Edition 2024

“Reflecting the Past, Envisioning the Future: European Core Conflicts in a Time of Polycrisis”

Alumni und Teilnehmer*innen von DialoguePerspectives aufgepasst: Jetzt bewerben für unsere DialoguePerspectives Decade Edition 2024: „Reflecting on the Past, Envisioning the Future: European Core Conflicts in a Time of Polycrisis“ in Berlin!

As we celebrate a decade of dialogue and cooperation through the DialoguePerspectives programme, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment in Europe’s history. The current convergence of crises underscores the imperative for collective expertise, insights, and perspectives on charting a path forward rooted in concrete action and practical solidarity within a pluralistic society. It is now more evident than ever that the role of religious and worldview communities in European civil society has been significantly underestimated. The importance of programmes such as DialoguePerspectives has never been greater. Precisely such programmes, which take a multi-perspective approach to conflicts and work on policies with a focus on impact, must now finally be strengthened so that their influence on global contexts increases.

We are all familiar with the current polycrisis, the convergence of multiple crises across Europe presents a daunting and intricate challenge. Attacks from right-wing factions on justice and democracy jeopardise the fundamental principles underpinning European nations, necessitating unified efforts to uphold the rule of law and safeguard democratic institutions. The proliferation of misinformation and disinformation exacerbates these challenges, eroding trust in institutions and undermining informed decision-making processes. Societal upheavals, including the renegotiated role of religions and worldviews and the resurgence of ethno-nationalism, pose significant threats to social cohesion and stability. Moreover, the additional challenges stemming from the attacks of 7th October, the conflict in Gaza, Russia’s ongoing aggression in Ukraine, the military tensions between Israel and Iran, and the global climate crisis compound the urgency of the situation.

In today’s interconnected world, the cumulative consequences of these crises highlight the pressing need for resilience within European societies. Instead of uniting to address these challenges, we witness their perpetuation and exacerbation, with polarisation seemingly encouraged and societal cohesion increasingly strained. Tackling these issues entails fostering inclusive societies that embrace diversity and promote tolerance, while also addressing the underlying economic and social grievances that fuel extremist ideologies. Navigating this complex landscape necessitates both short-term measures to mitigate immediate threats and long-term strategies to address systemic issues. International cooperation and solidarity within European society are indispensable in confronting these challenges and safeguarding the principles of democracy, justice, and human rights.

In light of these challenges, we are delighted to announce our conference „Reflecting on the Past, Envisioning the Future: European Core Conflicts in a Time of Polycrisis“. This event provides a platform for our esteemed alumni to contribute their wealth of experience to shaping the future trajectory of Europe and our programme. The imperative for sustainable social change and European cooperation has never been greater. This includes fostering socially oriented, forward-looking interfaith and interreligious dialogue that transcends the boundaries of religion, belief, and nationality.


Over the years, the participation of our alumni has been instrumental in fostering understanding and catalysing change within our and your communities. Your expertise is vital in navigating these complexities. We invite you to join us in this crucial endeavour – to share your insights, engage in critical analysis and collaborate on innovative impact-oriented solutions. Through a series of interactive sessions, workshops and networking opportunities, participants will delve into the core conflicts shaping Europe’s identity and development. From historical legacies to contemporary challenges, together we will unravel the complexities of Europe’s polycrisis and chart a course towards a more inclusive, resilient, and prosperous future.

Date and location:

4th – 7th November 2024

Berlin, Germany


Travel expenses up to 100 € (national) and 300 € (international) and hotel costs up to 70 € per person per night will be reimbursed.

Application details:

We invite 60 former participants of DialoguePerspectives to take part in our “Reflecting the Past, Envisioning the Future: European Core Conflicts in a Time of Polycrisis” conference.

If you would like to participate, please submit your application via our application form here.  The deadline for applications is 1st July 2024. Should you have any questions please contact us at:

We cannot wait to see you at our “Reflecting the Past, Envisioning the Future: European Core Conflicts in a Time of Polycrisis” conference and look forward to your application.


Call for Application Decade Edition 2024


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