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Presentation and expert talk with Sandra Parthie and Wiebke Ewering Moderation: Benjamin Fischer Religions and worldviews fundamentally shape current European discourses. The DialoguePerspectives. Discussing Religions and World Views programme is […]
DialoguePerspectives. Discussing Religions and Worldviews warmly invites you to the launch of »FUTURE OF REMEMBRANCE«, the international conference of the Coalition for Pluralistic Public Discourse (CPPD). The CPPD is a network […]
We live in a plural society. That which is supposed to hold us together is increasingly dividing us. Old ideas of societal cohesion are thus in urgent need of updating. […]
War has raged in Ukraine for over two months. The Jewish community in Germany is particularly affected by this war of aggression. About 45 percent of the Jews living here […]
˝Some wise person once wrote “The whole entire world is a very narrow bridge and the main thing is to have no fear at all.” I feel that thanks to DialoguePerspectives the world is becoming a network of interconnected bridges that we are building between each other together. Beautiful bridges thanks to which we can try to create a world together, a world free from prejudices and fear.

Anna, DialoguePerspectives participant