Benefit evening for Ukraine

with Yuriy Gurzhy, Lana Lux, Ganna Gryniva & Attila Muehl, Yevgeniy Breyger and Pavel Franzusov

22. May 2022, 18:00, Ada Bar, Berlin

War has raged in Ukraine for over two months. The Jewish community in Germany is particularly affected by this war of aggression. About 45 percent of the Jews living here come from Ukraine or have family there. DAGESH. Jüdische Kunst im Kontext and DialoguePerspectives. Discussing Religions and Worldviews would like to raise funds for the people of Ukraine with a benefit event. The proceeds of the evening will go to the organisation Ukraine TrustChain, which provides important humanitarian aid to people in Ukraine.


An evening for Ukraine with music, texts, and performance art by:

Yuriy Gurzhy is a native-born Ukrainian and Berliner. He is a musician, DJ, producer, and radio host. The year 2021 saw the release of ‘Fokstroty’, songs set to the texts of Ukrainian authors from the time of the Executed Renaissance, which Gurzhy recorded and sang with Serhij Zhadan.

Lana Lux is a Berlin-based writer, illustrator, and actress of Ukrainian-Jewish heritage. Her acclaimed debut ‘Kukolka’ was published in 2017, and her novel ‘Jägerin und Sammlerin’ appeared in 2020.

Ganna Gryniva is a singer, composer, and pianist living in Berlin. In various ensembles, she unites jazz with Ukrainian folklore, classical, and experimental music as an expression of her diverse cultural roots.

Attila Muehl is one of Germany’s most active jazz guitarists. He gives concerts worldwide, works as a studio musician, and lectures at music academies and jazz workshops.

Yevgeniy Breyger is a poet, translator, and editor from Kharkiv. His poetry collections ‘flüchtige monde’ (2016) and ‘gestohlene luft’ (2020) were published by kookbooks. He lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.

Pavel Franzusov is a filmmaker and video artist from Ukraine who has lived in Berlin for many years and whose work seeks new perspectives on social problems.

Suggested donation: 8 Euro.

The proceeds of the evening will go without deduction to Ukraine TrustChain.


DialoguePerspectives is a great programme not only because of all the things you are going to learn during the seminars, not only because of the cool people you are going to meet but also because of the un-learning process that you will go through, getting rid of all the prejudices that you are not even aware of having.

Asmae, DialoguePerspectives participant