European competence in plurality, not fantasies of cohesion!

On the potentials of difference in the interplay of religions, worldviews, and society.

06. July 2022, 19:00, Berlin

We live in a plural society. That which is supposed to hold us together is increasingly dividing us. Old ideas of societal cohesion are thus in urgent need of updating.

The religious and ideological plurality of our society offers huge opportunities to come together via our differences, by broadening our knowledge and perspectives, and by countering disparagement with appreciation.

It is time to explore the potential that difference offers in the interplay of religions, worldviews, and society – in search of a new, a productive cohesion. To do so, we will have to expand the societal frame of reference structuring our coexistence. But how can we do so? And where?

We would like to discuss these questions with Milad Karimi (philosopher of religion, Islamic scholar, translator of the Qur’an) and Melina Borčak (journalist and filmmaker) and to bring young Europeans with diverse perspectives into the conversation with them.
The event will be moderated by the author and taz editor Dinah Riese.

Join the discussion. We look forward to having you there!
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An event by DialoguePerspectives. Discussing Religions and Worldviews and the Eugen Biser Foundation as part of the “Religion and Democracy” Network project “Cohesion through Conflict”.

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