Retrospect: Policy Briefs as a means of forging a pluralistic Europe

Policy Brief Launch

On 14 September, participants of DialoguePerspectives presented three policy briefs that were developed in the framework of the first European Leadership Workshop ‘Entering the Engine Room: Policy Briefs as a means of forging a pluralistic Europe’.

In their policy briefs – on the implementation of a pluralistic culture of remembrance in European education and cultural policy, on strengthening the civil rights of irregular migrants, and on creating EU-wide legal certainty for communities of care beyond current legal and societal family norms – the authors reflect on the social reality of Europe through their diverse intersectional perspectives and give policy makers at the European level recommendations for concrete political action, while also addressing civil society organisations and actors and point to new, sustainable perspectives.

Following the short presentations of the policy briefs, the authors got into conversation with Wiebke Ewering, head of communications at the German Council of Foreign Relations, and Sandra Parthie, head of the Brussels office of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research. Moderated by Benjamin Fischer, programme manager at the Alfred Landecker Foundation, they discussed the specific characteristics of policy briefs as a political instrument and the writing process, as well as questions of implementation and significance and meaning of policy briefs in the process of political advocacy.

We thank all authors, speakers and guests for the successful and informative evening and look forward to further exchange and joint work!

The policy briefs are available for download here.

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DialoguePerspectives is a great programme not only because of all the things you are going to learn during the seminars, not only because of the cool people you are going to meet but also because of the un-learning process that you will go through, getting rid of all the prejudices that you are not even aware of having.

Asmae, DialoguePerspectives participant

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