DialoguePerspectives | Podcast – Episode 4

(Re-)Shaping Europe: Episode 4! In this episode, our participant Eleonora Pede offers the listeners a glimpse into her comparative study on the relationship between Muslim and Christian ethics in Europe and the academic field of Gender Studies. More precisely, Eleonora assesses the potential broader impact that German Liberal Muslim institutions could have on LGBTQI and feminist Muslim and Catholic communities in Europe. Her research journey started in Berlin at the first self-proscribed “liberal mosque” in Germany and then takes to her home country Italy. The piece is part of the blog-series “This Is Us – Insights from our Participants”, that has been launched in November 2020. Eleonora is a PhD candidate in a joint programme of the Faculty of Theology in Lugano and La Cattolica University in Milan.
As always, you can listen to this episode via Apple Podcasts, Spotify & Buzzsprout.
Speakers: Carleigh Garcia, Gil Shohat, Eleonora Pede
Audio-Edit: Gal Yaron Mayersohn
Music: Viktor Rosengrün
Editor: Gil Shohat
Project Leadership: Jo Frank, Johanna Korneli
“DialoguePerspectives | Podcast” is an initiative of the Leo Baeck Foundation. | © 2021 DialoguePerspectives

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˝The programme makes possible something that is all too rare in our society these days: speaking and having discussions across borders, not about each other, but with each other. That can be a hard slog at times, but at the same time the format makes space for follow-up questions and deeper conversations that are only possible through trust on all sides.

Felix, DialoguePerspectives participant