Since 2021, we have been supporting alumni*ae and current participants in the realisation of projects that address relevant topics and issues at the intersection of religions, worldviews and society in Europe. We particularly support transnational initiatives and those in which various alumni and/or participants work together.

On 27 August 2023, the Faiths In Tune – 6th Berlin Festival of Religions took place at the UFA-Fabrik Berlin. The festival brought together music and dances from diverse religions on one stage to celebrate Berlin’s religious and cultural diversity and to promote interfaith dialogue and respect in Berlin through music as a universal medium. The festival was accompanied by a market, where religious institutions and interreligious initiatives from all over Berlin could introduce themselves to the festival visitors as well as by interactive music, singing, dance and meditation workshops, exhibitions on the topics of religion and interreligious coexistence and an interactive learning and play area for children.

The project was organized by Dialogperspektiven alumna Anja Fahlenkamp, supported by another Dialogperspektiven alumnus, Barış Şahin, and took place within the framework of the non-profit initiative Faiths In Tune (“Glauben im Einklang”), which has been organizing interfaith music festivals in London since 2011, and now also in Berlin, Birmingham, Dresden, Cologne, Lindau and Turin, to promote peaceful coexistence, respect and dialogue between people of different religious backgrounds. The long-term goal of the festival is to shape the multicultural identity of cities like Berlin and London, to promote a sustainable culture of dialogue, peaceful coexistence and cooperation between people of all cultural and religious backgrounds, while countering the growing trends of xenophobia, right-wing populism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

Pictures: Faiths In Tune/Anton Tal

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˝The programme makes possible something that is all too rare in our society these days: speaking and having discussions across borders, not about each other, but with each other. That can be a hard slog at times, but at the same time the format makes space for follow-up questions and deeper conversations that are only possible through trust on all sides.

Felix, DialoguePerspectives alumnus

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