Retrospect: Networking Meeting in Kraków, Poland

Preparation for the Spring Seminar in March 2023

Our annual Spring Seminars take place in different European cities. This gives our participants the opportunity to experience Europe’s religious/worldview diversity and diverse perspectives first-hand and to connect with local activists, institutions and organisations. In preparation for our next seminar in March 2023 in Kraków, Poland, two members of our team travelled to Kraków (26-28 October 2022). Thanks to numerous recommendations from our participants, they got to know a city where history is just as alive as the civil society work of the present.

Henri and Adrian spent three days in Kraków to meet with our cooperation partners at the Institute of Jewish Studies of the Jagiellonian University and the Galicia Jewish Museum and to get to know other organisations in order to develop first ideas and formats for our Spring Seminar.

During the seminar in March 2023, we will explore the intertwining of past and present in Polish society, and the role of religious communities in shaping current debates and discourses. We will have an opportunity to study the centuries-old religious heritage and today’s interreligious coexistence as well as meet with local and national scholars and activists from religious communities, civil society and academia to examine the interactions between EU law, Polish politics, civil society, and activism regarding women’s rights, gender equality and queer and minority rights.

Many thanks to our cooperation partners! We are looking forward to meeting in March again!


Project assistant Adrian Fiedler and project manager Henri Vogel standing in front of the Institute of Jewish Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków

Kraków impression close to the seminar hotel

At the Jewish Museum Galicia: project manager Henri Vogel with the Museums’ team


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DialoguePerspectives enabled me to meet people with diverse backgrounds and different worldviews – many inspiring encounters and interesting discussions will stick with me forever. If you want to meet other young academics from all over Europe, reflect on your own identity and widen your horizon - apply!

Hicham, DialoguePerspectives participant

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