Entering the “Engine Room”: Policy briefs as a mean of forging a pluralistic Europe

European Leadership Workshop: Policy brief launch

Presentation and expert talk with Sandra Parthie and Wiebke Ewering
Moderation: Benjamin Fischer

The event will be held in English.

Religions and worldviews fundamentally shape current European discourses. The DialoguePerspectives. Discussing Religions and World Views programme is a unique European and global network of more than 250 European leaders at the nexus of religions, worldviews, politics, and society in which topics ranging from remembrance culture, to migration, to communities of care are centred and considered in new ways. With their diverse intersectional perspectives, the programme participants together create the plurality necessary to productively meet the challenges of modern European society.

Accompanied by inputs from and discussions with experts in the field of policy advocacy, the first European Leadership Workshop produced three policy briefs:

  1. on the implementation of a pluralistic culture of remembrance in European education and cultural policy,
  2. on strengthening the civil rights of irregular migrants,
  3. and on creating EU-wide legal certainty for communities of care beyond current legal and societal family norms.

Who should be remembered and how? Who belongs to Europe, and under what conditions? What does family mean today and what should it mean in the future? All these questions cannot be answered without the ethical visions of religions and worldviews.

We are therefore pleased to present these first DialoguePerspectives policy briefs at a public event with the authors on 14 September 2022, and look forward to engaging in a discussion with you.

Following the presentation and a short panel discussion, all attendees will have the opportunity to discuss the various policy recommendations with the graduates of the European Leadership Workshop and future Young Leaders in a world café discussion format.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The authors of the policy briefs are current and former DialoguePerspectives. Discussing Religions and Worldviews  participants and graduates of the first European Leadership Workshop.

Sandra Parthie is the head of the Brussels office of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft Köln e.V.). She studied economics and politics in Berlin and Montreal and was a head of office and political advisor at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Wiebke Ewering is the head of communications at the German Council of Foreign Relations (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik e.V.). She studied political science and European studies in Berlin, Osnabrück, and Montreal and was a communications officer at the Berlin office of the ECFR.

Benjamin Fischer is a programme manager at the Alfred Landecker Foundation. He studied law and politics in Hamburg and worked as a public affairs officer for the European Jewish Congress.

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˝Some wise person once wrote “The whole entire world is a very narrow bridge and the main thing is to have no fear at all.” I feel that thanks to DialoguePerspectives the world is becoming a network of interconnected bridges that we are building between each other together. Beautiful bridges thanks to which we can try to create a world together, a world free from prejudices and fear.

Anna, DialoguePerspectives participant

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