Spring Seminar 2024

Exploring the religious/worldview and social landscapes of Italy
6th – 10th March 2024, Ciampino/Italy

Join us for our spring seminar 2024, taking place from 6th to 10th March in Ciampino, Italy. This immersive workshop will offer you a unique opportunity to unravel the intricate structures of diversity, cohesion, and challenges faced by Southern Europe, with a specific focus on Italy.

Italy’s history has been marked by moments of fragmentation, nationalism, and political upheaval. Today, it stands as a living example of the threats posed to liberal democracies by far-right movements, making it an ideal case study for DialoguePerspectives. By studying the Italian context, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding difference and cohesion in Europe.

During our seminar, we will uncover the historical, religious, and cultural factors that have shaped Italy’s identity. With Catholicism playing a dominant role for centuries, being Italian often meant being Catholic. However, for those of different religious-worldview backgrounds – Muslims, Jews, non-Catholic Christians, and secular individuals – questions of belonging and identity have emerged. Together, we will enquire into the dynamics of religious diversity and interfaith relations in Italy, seeking to understand how they shape the current social and political discourses.

Through engaging lectures, interactive discussions, and insightful field visits, we will deepen our understanding of the connections between the past and the present in Italian society. We will have the privilege of meeting esteemed local and national scholars, activists, and representatives from religious communities, civil society, and academia. Their expertise and diverse perspectives will shed light on the multifaceted interactions between Italy’s social, political, and historical layers.

Join us as we unravel the religious and worldview mosaic that defines Italy, examine the challenges it faces, and explore avenues for building a more inclusive and just society.

DialoguePerspectives enabled me to meet people with diverse backgrounds and different worldviews – many inspiring encounters and interesting discussions will stick with me forever. If you want to meet other young academics from all over Europe, reflect on your own identity and widen your horizon - apply!

Hicham, DialoguePerspectives participant