European Leadership Workshop 2021

Entering the “Engine Room”: Policy Briefs as a Means of Forging a Pluralistic Europe 

3-4 June 2021, online; 21-24 October 2021, The Abbey Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire, UK

European policies seldom reflect the pluralism that characterise Europe’s everyday life in its heterogeneous societies. More often than not, decision makers in the European Parliament and other EU bodies enact policies reflecting narrow national and worldview interests. Thus, European policies on issues such as religious pluralism, remembrance culture, or LGBTQI* rights lack the perspectives of those change agents who make up Europe’s future – which is why we aim to bring twenty of our  most engaged and active alumni*ae and current participants together to address this hiatus.

In a first step in early June, the participants will go through a thorough, outcome-oriented methodological online workshop with an experienced writer and editor. There, the participants will acquire the know-how and the crucial skills necessary in order to issue a joint Policy Paper aimed at e.g. European decision makers, NGO advocates and journalists.

Our second step will be to bring our participants together at the inspiring facilities of The Abbey Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire, UK in late October. There we will intensely reflect on how to use the knowledge gained in methodological workshop in order to make us of these technical means with in-depth yet poignant content. Policy Papers serve as a medium to get the audience in focus interested in our analysis and proposals, initiating further discussion, exchange, and ultimately, the implementation of our goals on the policy level. We are thus taking the next step towards concrete policy advocacy in order to further sustain our work and bring about change.


˝The DialoguePerspective programme has created a unique platform for discourse and debate on a wide range of topics that have significance for the EU currently and in its future. DialoguePerspectives offers the opportunity to share, learn and explore as a community, questions that are relevant to our identity and the diversity of Europe. I highly recommend the programme.

Santhi, DialoguePerspectives participant