(Re-)Shaping Europe – Episode 15

In conversation with Jochen Schlenk

Episode 15 of (Re-)Shaping Europe is out now! We spoke with Jochen Schlenk about religious freedom in the EU and the process of negotiation between European law, national law and religious law. Also about what a constitutional identity actually is, what the term world-view means – and what it is like to participate in interreligious-worldview dialogue as a non-religious person.

Jochen Schlenk is an editor for “Verfassungsblog” — an academic and journalistic open access platform for constitutional law. There, he produces the podcast “VerfassungsPod”. Jochen studied law at Humboldt University Berlin. Prior to his studies, he completed an apprenticeship as a carpenter. Jochen is a guest lecturer at Leuphana University Lüneburg. In the 2021/22 programme year, Jochen has joined our team and is now one of our religious-worldview advisors.

You can listen to the podcast episode (in German) via all relevant podcast outlets.

Intro: Carleigh Garcia; Speakers: Iman Al Nassre; Jochen Schlenk; Audio-Edit: Gal Yaron Mayersohn; Music: Viktor Rosengrün; Editor: Gil Shohat; Project Leadership: Jo Frank, Johanna Korneli; | © 2022 DialoguePerspectives


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˝The DialoguePerspective programme has created a unique platform for discourse and debate on a wide range of topics that have significance for the EU currently and in its future. DialoguePerspectives offers the opportunity to share, learn and explore as a community, questions that are relevant to our identity and the diversity of Europe. I highly recommend the programme.

Santhi, DialoguePerspectives participant

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