Preview: Autumn Seminar 2022

Next week, on October 12, we officially start the new DialoguePerspectives programme year and are very excited to welcome the 75 participants of 2022/23 in Bonn, Germany. For our Autumn Seminar 2022Towards European Diversity Competence. Tackling Questions of Difference and Cohesion in the Context of Religions, Worldviews, and Society”, we will explore the potential that difference offers us in the interplay of religions, worldviews, and society in search of concepts and ideas for a new, productive cohesion. The programme includes a variety of formats – different workshops, reflection sessions, panel discussions and of course the shared religious and worldview practice.

Together with our participants, coming from all over Europe and bringing with them their diversity and multiplicity of voices, perspectives, and expertise, we want to recognise, strengthen, and make visible the diversity of European society and include their voices and perspectives on it. We look forward to beginning our work together and to developing ideas, concepts and visions with the group: For a plural, democratic Europe built on principles of solidarity.

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˝To be part of such a diverse group helped me realize that our goals are more similar than I used to think before.

Ben, DialoguePerspectives participant

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