European Interreligious-Worldview Calendar 2022

Online calendar and pdf download

We are kicking off the new year with wonderful news!
For the first time, we have released a digital version of our European Interreligious-Worldview Calendar on our website!
As a special highlight, you can download the 2022 calendar (PDF) or import it into your Outlook, iCal or Google calendar!

Currently, we are working with our participants and alumni on texts regarding the manifold holidays listed on the calendar. Further information coming soon!

We hope you enjoy our digital DialoguePerspectives European Interreligious-Worldview Calendar 2022!

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˝DialoguePerspectives offers a unique change of perspective! The programme allows you to really grapple with current and highly societally relevant questions, to reflect on your own identity, and to get to know the diversity of European identities. I am very grateful for the intensive personal discussion and encounters, and the great amount of food for thought that has stuck with me long past the seminars.

Ezgi, DialoguePerspectives participant