Episode 30: Democracy in the digital age

Since the recording of this episode our friend and colleague Henri Vogel has passed away. Please find an obituary honoring his memory on our website.

In this episode our hosts Neta-Paulina, Whitney and Henri discuss democracy in the digital age. Together with our special guest and expert Dr. Jonas Fegert, they express concerns about the impact of social networks on societal discourse and democratic participation, noting the potential for both connectivity and echo chambers, and discuss the role of big tech platforms in shaping narratives through algorithms and content curation, as well as the pervasive issue of disinformation and its erosion of trust in democratic institutions.

The conversation also touches on the role of governments in combating misinformation and the tools available to individuals to promote a more resilient digital democracy, including the importance of accountability.

Special thanks to our guest speaker Dr. Jonas Fegert.

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Intro: Carleigh Garcia | Speakers: Whitney Nosakhare, Neta-Paulina Wagner, Henri Vogel, Dr. Jonas Fegert | Audio-Edit: Kevin Nagel | Music: Viktor Rosengrün ©2024 DialoguePerspectives | Rabbit Hole Podcast by New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/column/rabbit-hole

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˝DialoguePerspectives offers a unique change of perspective! The programme allows you to really grapple with current and highly societally relevant questions, to reflect on your own identity, and to get to know the diversity of European identities. I am very grateful for the intensive personal discussion and encounters, and the great amount of food for thought that has stuck with me long past the seminars.

Ezgi, DialoguePerspectives alumnus

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