Episode 29: Exploring the multifaceted role of religion in times of crisis

Since the recording of this episode our friend and colleague Henri Vogel has passed away. Please find an obituary honouring his memory on the DialoguePerspectives e.V. website.

In this episode our hosts Whitney, Henri and Neta-Paulina explore the multifaceted role of religion in times of crisis. They are joint by Professor Dr Frederek Musall, Chair of the Board of Directors of DialoguePerspectives, to discuss how religious institutions and leaders can have a positive impact on crises by fostering resilience and unity. Furthermore, they reflect on the challenges religious actors face in exacerbating or prolonging crises, and the declining influence of religion in some societies.
The conversation touches on how religion can help individuals cope with and resolve crises, and its potential role in addressing complex issues such as climate change. Special thanks to our guest speaker Prof. Dr. Frederek Musall!


Intro: Carleigh Garcia | Speakers: Whitney Nosakhare, Neta-Paulina Wagner, Henri Vogel, Prof. Dr. Frederek Musall | Audio-Edit: Kevin Nagel | Music: Viktor Rosengrün ©2024 DialoguePerspectives

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As an academic studying religious pluralism, I experienced a very warm and welcoming environment in the DialoguePerspectives programme. I learned a great deal from open-minded people from so many diverse backgrounds. DialoguePerspectives is truly pluralism in practice!

Fatima, DialoguePerspectives participant

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