Episode 26: Know Your Enemy: The Entanglements Between Right-Wing Agents and Religion in Europe? – A look back at the European Leadership Workshop

In a special episode, the hosts reflect on the transformative European Leadership Workshop 2023 in Budapest, entitled ‘Know Your Enemy: The Entanglements Between Right-Wing Agents and Religion in Europe’.
The podcast explores the manipulation of religion, gender and minority narratives by right-wing movements, revealing the complex ways in which they shape political dynamics and cultural identities. It features insights from renowned experts, including:

– Henri Vogel: religious scholar and trans-rights activist who offers a unique perspective on the entanglements between religion and right-wing ideologies
– Prof. Dr. Andrea Pető: Hungarian historian and professor of gender studies who provides historical context and expertise on gendered narratives in right-wing discourse
– Gionathan lo Mascolo: Researcher focusing on the nexus of religion, extremism and far-right politics in Europe, unravelling the networks that support these ideologies
– Natasha Strobl: Austrian political scientist and expert on right-wing extremism, shedding light on the broader political and cultural implications.

Intro: Carleigh Garcia| Speakers: Whitney Nosakhare, Neta-Pauline Wagner, Henri Vogel | Audio-Edit: Kevin Nagel | Music: Viktor Rosengrün | ©2023 DialoguePerspectives

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Santhi, DialoguePerspectives participant

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