Episode 18: Meet the new hosts!

We have been tweaking our podcast “(Re-) Shaping Europe” over the last few weeks and are thrilled to finally share the new format with you!

DialoguePerspectives project manager Henri Vogel has invited two of our alumnae, Neta-Paulina Wagner and Whitney Nosakhare, to co-host the podcast to facilitate a pluralistic, discursive and critical thinking conversation.

Whitney is a Black human rights lawyer who works on international criminal justice and how to hold human rights violators accountable. She has been associated with the DialoguePerspectives programme for many years and was a workshop leader at our Autumn Seminar last October.

Neta-Paulina is a critical geographer concerned with the intersections of identity and human territoriality, and with questions of social order and borders beyond the idea of the nation-state. Like Whitney, she has worked with us for years and will lead a workshop at our next Spring Seminar in March.

Together, the three of them will discuss various issues around racism, discrimination against minorities and refugees, pluralism in practice, and many other topics at the intersection between religions, worldviews, politics, and society.

So if you want to learn about a wide range of socio-political, interreligious-worldview and pluralistic issues that also transcend European borders, we invite you to listen to our podcast and be part of this conversation!


Intro: Carleigh Garcia| Speakers: Henri Vogel, Whitney Nosakhare, Neta-Paulina Wagner | Audio-Edit: Kevin Nagel | Music: Viktor Rosengrün | Editor: Henri Vogel | © 2023 DialoguePerspectives

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˝The DialoguePerspective programme has created a unique platform for discourse and debate on a wide range of topics that have significance for the EU currently and in its future. DialoguePerspectives offers the opportunity to share, learn and explore as a community, questions that are relevant to our identity and the diversity of Europe. I highly recommend the programme.

Santhi, DialoguePerspectives participant

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