DialoguePerspectives | Podcast – Episode 7

In the seventh episode of our podcast series (Re-)Shaping Europe, our programme manager Gil Shohat spoke with our participant and interfaith activist Josephine Davidoff. Born and raised in London, she self-identifies as a British Progressive Jew, specializing in the fields of interfaith and community cohesion. She works as a Project Coordinator and Communications Professional dedicated to empowering marginalised faith and non-faith communities to strengthen social cohesion and understanding in the British capital. She recently accepted a position as Donor Relations Assistant at the Faith and Belief Forum, an interfaith charity based in the UK seeking good relations between people of all faiths and beliefs, reaching over 16 000 people a year.

Gil and Josephine talked about the importance of remembrance and memory culture for interfaith work, her Jewish perspective on the differences between Germany and the UK when it comes to living diversity, as well as about her impressions from our recent autumn seminar. In a public posting summarizing our days in Potsdam she wrote, among others: “Despite many challenging themes and topics, I felt a real tangible sense of collective allyship across the cohort, with participants reaching out to one another for support, which, for me, made the whole experience ever more meaningful and significant.”

We hope you enjoy the conversation!

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Speakers: Carleigh Garcia, Gil Shohat, Josephine Davidoff
Audio-Edit: Gal Yaron Mayersohn
Music: Viktor Rosengrün
Editor: Gil Shohat
Project Leadership: Jo Frank, Johanna Korneli
“DialoguePerspectives | Podcast” is an initiative of the Leo Baeck Foundation. | © 2021 DialoguePerspectives
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˝The programme makes possible something that is all too rare in our society these days: speaking and having discussions across borders, not about each other, but with each other. That can be a hard slog at times, but at the same time the format makes space for follow-up questions and deeper conversations that are only possible through trust on all sides.

Felix, DialoguePerspectives participant

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