Call for Application: European Leadership Workshop 2024

We are thrilled to announce the return of our annual European Leadership Workshop! This year, we invite DialoguePerspectives’ alumni and participants to apply for the European Leadership Workshop 2024 “Navigating the Confluence of Real-Life Crisis and Digital Democracy” in Karlsruhe, Germany.

In today’s turbulent times, multiple crises have left politics and society in a perpetual state of emergency. The digital realm has become a battleground of polarized views and widespread misinformation, making online navigation challenging. Despite advances in information technology enhancing communication accessibility, platforms like Facebook and TikTok also pose a threat to democratic systems due to issues like misinformation and biased algorithms. While the internet has fostered connectivity, it has also introduced challenges such as hate speech and surveillance, undermining democratic ideals. Profit-driven social media platforms often prioritize emotionally charged content, exacerbating the spread of misinformation.

As the digital world increasingly impacts real-life events, exploring digital democratic participation is vital. The European Leadership Workshop addresses these issues through interactive sessions, enhancing skills in critical thinking, digital literacy, and strategic communication to navigate the complexities of the digital age effectively.
From fostering critical thinking to enhancing digital literacy and strategic communication, our workshop promises to empower you to thrive in this ever-evolving environment.

The application is open to DialoguePerspectives’ alumni and participants! If you would like to participate, please send us an e-mail with a short letter of motivation to



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DialoguePerspectives is a great programme not only because of all the things you are going to learn during the seminars, not only because of the cool people you are going to meet but also because of the un-learning process that you will go through, getting rid of all the prejudices that you are not even aware of having.

Asmae, DialoguePerspectives participant

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