Prof. Dr. Dr. Jean Ehret

Prof. Dr. Dr. Jean Ehret, Professor of Theology and Spirituality, is the Director of the Luxembourg School of Religion & Society. He is also a full member of the Section des sciences morales et politiques of the Institut Grand-Ducal de Luxembourg, Episcopal Vicar and a Canon of the Cathedral of Luxembourg. In 2022, he has been appointed as visiting professor im the Department of Philosophy and Education Sciences of the University of Turin. His research focuses on aesthetics, theology & the arts and theology as literature.

˝The programme makes possible something that is all too rare in our society these days: speaking and having discussions across borders, not about each other, but with each other. That can be a hard slog at times, but at the same time the format makes space for follow-up questions and deeper conversations that are only possible through trust on all sides.

Felix, DialoguePerspectives alumnus