Paul Estgen

Paul Estgen studied European sociology and ethnology at the Université Libre de Brussels. Between 1994 and 2014, he was a researcher at SESOPI-CEFIS (Centre for Intercultural and Social Studies and Training). Since 2015 Estgen is a researcher at the Luxembourg School of Religion & Society (LSRS) and the coordinator of the diocesan project “Reech eng Hand” which works in the field of reception and local integration of refugees.

His main research themes are studies on migration phenomena and the presence of refugees in the country, of foreigners in Luxembourg, as well as questions of religious sociology.

He participated in several sociological studies, in particular the Baleine study (Luxembourg language market) and the EVS study (European Values Studies).

I attended several academic conferences on interreligious dialogue in the past, but I've never found a group like the one of DialoguePerspectives, that perfectly matches secularism with religions.

Eleonora, DialoguePerspectives participant