Dr. Ayşe Başol

Dr. Ayşe Başol is a specialist in the field of Islamic studies at the Goethe University in Frankfurt focusing on the history of the emergence of Islam, views of Muhammad in Islamic studies, Quranic exegesis, and hadith analysis of the sīra (prophetic biography). She is a founding member of the Society for the Promotion of Islamic Studies (GEFIS e.V.) as well as the Muslim Women’s Competence Center. Başol conducts research on the reconstruction of the Islamic history of revelation within the framework of the “Theology as an Academic Discipline” research program. She is a co-author of the Dictionary of Encounter – Basic Concepts of Christianity and Islam, published by the Eugen Biser Foundation.


“Interactions between east and west reach – symbolically speaking – back to Abus I-Abbas, the elephant that Harun al-Rashid sent to Charlemagne. The question easily arises, of why a dialogue or trialogue remain so timely and, above all, controversial. I’d love to experience a conversation (of mine) building bridges, directly from person to person, in a natural way.”


Ayşe Başol, Ömer Özsoy (Hrsg.): Geschichtsschreibung zum Frühislam. Quellenkritik und Rekonstruktion der Anfänge. Berlin 2014.
„Allah ist das Licht von Himmel und Erde.“ Der Lichtvers Sura 24 an-Nur 35. Seine Bedeutung im Kontext der Offenbarung und Grundzüge seiner Auslegung in der islamischen Gelehrsamkeit. Berlin 2008.
Ayşe Başol, Hansjörg Schmid (Hrsg.): Zeugnis, Einladung, Bekehrung. Mission in Christentum und Islam. Regensburg 2011.

˝To be part of such a diverse group helped me realize that our goals are more similar than I used to think before.

Ben, DialoguePerspectives participant