Stephanie Kuhnen

Stephanie Kuhnen is a Berlin based author, journalist, project manager and has been an activist for the LGBTIQ*-Community for more than three decades. Her work focusses on researching and developing affirmative and diverse queer visibilities in history, culture, arts and politics. This not only means to create knowledge, but to constantly challenge hegemonial narratives by integrating more perspectives into a pluralistic way of thinking and analysing societies and communities. 

Stephanie Kuhnen is a member of the board of trustees of the Magnus Hirschfeld Foundation and a member of the CPPD – Coalition for Pluralistic Public Discourse, a project of DialoguePerspectives. In the programme year 2022/23, Stephanie is one of our six workshop leaders.

I attended several academic conferences on interreligious dialogue in the past, but I've never found a group like the one of DialoguePerspectives, that perfectly matches secularism with religions.

Eleonora, DialoguePerspectives participant