İrem Çörekçi

İrem Çörekçi works as a researcher-journalist for a Sweden-based nonprofit organization that promotes the rule of law, democracy, and human rights. İrem is also writing her master’s thesis as part of the master’s program in Lund University Media and Communication Studies Master’s Programme. Her academic interests include exile and diaspora journalists, the position of exile groups in host countries and existing diaspora communities in Europe, and freedom of expression.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies with a major in Human Geography from Lund University. Also, she has a Communication and International Relations studies background from Turkey.

She was a participant of the DialoguePerspectives for two years and is now in the team for interpersonal & group dynamics in the programme year 2022/23.

˝To be part of such a diverse group helped me realize that our goals are more similar than I used to think before.

Ben, DialoguePerspectives participant