Retrospekt: Annual Summit 2024

Over the past decade, DialoguePerspectives has refined dialogue methodologies to address contemporary issues and promote inclusive interreligious and worldview dialogue among young European leaders. This approach equips participants to face Europe’s crises and demonstrates the transformative power of dialogue in building understanding and cooperation. Participants leave with enhanced skills, knowledge and a strong network committed to pluralism and democracy. Looking ahead, the insights and connections forged through DialoguePerspectives will continue to inspire and empower participants to tackle Europe’s complex challenges, reinforcing our commitment to fostering dialogue and understanding for a more inclusive and resilient future.



DialoguePerspectives Programme Year 2023/24

The DialoguePerspectives Annual Summit 2024 „Voices of Resilience: Exploring Crisis and Cohesion in Contemporary European Society“ concluded a dynamic year of challenges, opportunities and achievements. The conclusion of the DialoguePerspectives programme year marks the end of a journey rich in discussion, reflection and collaboration. From seminars in Bonn and Rome to the Annual Summit in Berlin, participants have tackled challenges and gained profound insights.

European Resilience – The Time for Creation is Now

The Annual Summit on resilience was timely, as the recent European Parliament elections highlighted the rise of right-wing populism across the European Union. Significant gains by right-wing parties in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Sweden pose a challenge to our pluralistic, democratic European Union. With Europe in a polycrisis – climate change, social inequality, judicial independence under threat, excess of (digital) disinformation as well as international tensions and war – dialogue and cooperation are more crucial and challenging than ever. DialoguePerspectives will continue its goals in bringing together young European change-makers, building bridges across religious, worldview, political and national borders.


The Annual Summit 2024

The Annual Summit in Berlin marked a critical milestone, bringing participants together at a crucial moment to reflect on the EU elections and the ongoing challenges facing Europe.

The summit featured engaging workshops led by experts including journalist Anastasia Tikhomirova on media engagement, Melina Borčak on anti-Muslim racism in Europe, Dr Nuria González Campañá on threats to judicial independence and Dr Friederike Landau-Donnelly on embracing diversity through the lens of lived agonism versus antagonism in Berlin’s cityscape. These sessions provided valuable insights and sparked meaningful conversations that deepened participants‘ understanding of these critical issues.


In addition, DialoguePerspectives prioritises extensive participant involvement, recognising the value of participants‘ diverse contributions as active agents of change. The programme goes beyond mere discussion; it is about educating tomorrow’s leaders and promoting interreligious and worldview dialogue. It is about building understanding, cooperation and a shared commitment to Europe’s core values of pluralism, democracy and solidarity. Participants shaped the summit through their insights, personal experiences, group contributions, community connections and academic backgrounds. Their engagement throughout the year, including their contributions to an anthology, highlighted the importance of collective action in addressing Europe’s challenges.

DialoguePerspectives is convinced that dialogue is essential. This was clearly demonstrated during the Annual Summit, which included not only workshop and seminar formats but also shared religious ceremonies such as Jumu’ah prayer, Shabbat, Havdalah and an Ecumenical Christian service. These enriched participants‘ understanding of religious pluralism and deepened their knowledge of each other.



Results and Public output

The Annual Summit 2024 was a significant milestone for DialoguePerspectives, culminating in the successful launch of the „Voices of Resilience“ anthology at the European Commission building in Berlin on 21 June 2024. DialoguePerspectives placed great emphasis on providing input during the first two seminars and bringing everyone together to celebrate and publicly share the participants‘ output at the end of the programme year.

This year’s output was the first volume of the DialoguePerspectives Publications, with over 40 diverse contributions. The anthology explores four critical elements of the European polycrisis – society, democracy, religion, and the environment – from personal, pluralistic perspectives. The contributions are not just academic discussions or creative inputs; they are insights from individuals who have directly engaged with the issues at grassroots and policy levels. It is a call to action, offering unique insights into how a diverse cohort navigates the complexities of the European landscape.

The public launch of the anthology also included speeches by Johanna Korneli, Executive Director of DialoguePerspectives e.V., and Prof Dr Frederek Musall, Chairperson of DialoguePerspectives e.V., and a panel discussion with distinguished guests and experts who had given workshops during the seminars: Dr Jonas Fegert (Head of Department at the FZI Research Centre for Information Technology in Karlsruhe), Dr Asmae Ourkiya (Founder of the Ecofeminist Institute) and Dr Nuria González Campañá (Assistant Professor for Constitutional Law at the University of Barcelona). The panel was moderated by Jo Frank, Director of DialoguePerspectives e.V. It focused on the current political landscape in Europe, the impact of the election results and the future of democracy in the EU, as well as concrete steps that can and should be taken.

Furthermore, this event provided a platform for participants to present their year-long efforts, sharing their work and discussing their themes with invited guests from politics, NGOs and the cultural sector. They expressed that this opportunity empowered them to continue to work towards a more pluralistic Europe amidst current crises, showcasing the power of dialogue and societal resilience, but also of being given a platform and a voice.

Fot.: Natalia Reich
Instagram: @reich.natalia

If you want to have an insight into the anthology “ Voices of Resilience“ and browse the impressive contributions of our participants, you can download a PDF here.

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