Episode 31: Language as a marker of identity


In this episode our hosts Neta-Paulina and Whitney delve into the fascinating world of linguistics with our special guest Dr Semra Kızılkaya, a postdoctoral researcher in German linguistics from Bielefeld University. Dr Semra Kızılkaya, whose academic journey spans Berlin, London, and Cologne, brings a wealth of knowledge on social grammatical variation. Together they explore languages as markers of identity and discuss how linguistic and cultural moments often blur in unexpected ways.

Join us as we discover how language evolves, especially in today’s pluralistic society, and explore the journey of these lexical items as they become part of everyday language. Special thanks to our guest speaker Dr Semra Kızılkaya.

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Intro: Carleigh Garcia | Speakers: Whitney Nosakhare, Neta-Paulina Wagner, Dr Semra Kızılkaya / Postdoctoral researcher in German Linguistics at Bielefeld University, Undergraduate studies in German & English Philology & Mathematics in Berlin/London, Masters Degree in General Linguistics, PhD in Linguistics – University of Cologne| Audio-Edit: Kevin Nagel | Music: Viktor Rosengrün ©2024 DialoguePerspectives

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˝To be part of such a diverse group helped me realize that our goals are more similar than I used to think before.

Ben, DialoguePerspectives participant

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